quarta-feira, 9 de março de 2011

The saga of the food

You know, I like my brother, but sometimes he just makes me really angry. For exemple, yesterday. I'll tell you.
I pass all day long at home, doing nothing. Well, no necesserily, but I passed the day on msn, twitting and watching tv. My brother, just to 'make something different' passed the at my father's, when he arrived, he was a little bit in a bad mood and i don't know why. He was not stupid but he didn't say 'hi'. He brought a frozen pizza, that one we buy at the supermarket. The very first thing he said was:
- Are you going to order some food?
My mom said no and asked 'why'.
- Because if you are, I will put this pizza at the fridge. But are you going to eat it?
Again mom said no. she isn't going to eat neither order food. I said I was going to take a hotdog later.
Everything went fine, he put the pizza into the oven.. but when he ate it, for a reason I don't know, he thought it wasn't good. He made us try it, at the begining he disn't really want to share it with us. I get this ponit because he asked 'Doesn't even Carol want some?' when my mom said she didn't want. Anyway...
It wasn't bad, just raw. The boy put that frozen pizza in the oven and he expected that in 10 min it could be ready to eat? No way.
So the child (who is not a child anymore) decide to say it was not good at all. And it was because of the potato he put on it. Seriouly I had opened that potato (it was like chips) for lunch it couldn't be bad. It was impossible. I tryed to explain. Without success.
I changed my clothes and said:
- I'm going to take my hotdog.
- Then, I am going with you.

I thought: "WTF? You get here and don't want to share the food you bring and i have to pay a hotdog for you? NO WAY!"
- Mom i need some money then. (Yes, i needed, because all that i have was 5 reais)
- She said that there was some money on the bedside table.. i take that money and left to take my hotdog, I was happy and starving.
The problem was: That 'hotdog cooker' wasn't there, so i turned right in the next corner. I wanted a hotdog, I didn't want anything else. But my brother get angry because i was coming back home.

- Are you coming back home?
- Yes.
- Ah.
- Why? Do you want anything?
- But Will I eat alone?
- Yes Pedro, I wanted a hotdog, there isn't it, I am coming back home.

A very simple thought, am I wrong? But he didn't think that way.

- Ah, so I don't want anything.
- But.. Don't you want anything? Are you sure? We are already here.
- No, let it go.
- Is there anything you want to?
- No, forget it.

And then a little discussion like "why are you mad? I'm not. You don't need to speak like this. ok you're t=right ¬¬"

If you don't want, you don't want. I'm really coming back home. - I thought. Sweet ilusion! When i get the corner near my house he said: I sandwich from gas station!
Yes, I wish to kill him, but i just keep going straight ahead to the gas station. He bought his sandwich, we got home, he ate it. I knew there was some strogonoff at the fridge so i decided to eat it. I offer it to my mom. she had eaten anything so far, just like me. She said no again. Ok. The problem is: I am very kind and good girl! I knew my brother liked this dish, so I offered it. But i really hope he doesn't accepted it, as he had already eaten. There was just a little of this.
- Pepeu Do you want some?
- Yes, a little bit!

All that was just a little. He didn't know it, buuuuttt.. he could had had a good sense and said 'no', whatever
The thing is, I didn't eat, because i had anything to eat, yes, I left all 'the little' of strogonoff for him.

PS: Forgive my mistakes! send me a message if you noted it, I'll correct it! Thanks

quarta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2011

That was the day..

Today is February 24th. It's exactly 1:40am. It is Thurdays and the year is 2011. 23 years before i was borning... My mom was probabily nervous at this time.. and maybe my father was driving her to the hospital...I don't know what exactly they expected, but I know they were really happy when I got this world.

Let's back to the past a for a little while...

I was born a not so beautiful baby as my mother insist to remind me... "you were thin and big, and you had that very long and thin fingers.. and you used to play with them.. It was a little scared" You can imagine that scene.. my mom was very young she was 19 when I came to life..so i understan her....

That is me in one of my very first picture.

And because of the pictures that by the way I have a lot of pictures. Thanks God! I know I was not the most beautiful baby at all..

Look at this one

My mom was not wrong at all.. As you can notice.. Adorable baby!

I think that water was too hot for me, I have never been such a huge fan of hot water, and now i figure out why... anyway...

I know my parents took care of me all the time.. and I do know I 'gave' a lot of headache too... not at school, not because i was a 'bad' kid, no.. but i had some heath problems and they did everything they could and more... we didn't have a good finacial condition, but I always got what I wanted the most.. They made a lot sacrifices for me.. and i should Thanks them every day of my life...

I was a very happy kid, I was smart, cute, polite.. always! Dad and mom taught me the very powerful words such as 'thank you', 'excuse me', 'sorry', 'please'.
I used to do very good at school, acctually i was one of the best of my class.. At the age of ten i had already read all books of the library in my primary school...

I changed school, my grades got down.,, you know, the adolescence arrives to anyone.. i have never been rude with my parents, but they started to be a little disapointed with me.. i didnt want to study anymore.. I wanted to go out and have some fun.. I didn't bring real and big problems to my parents.. i never smoke, drink or use drugs.. but i started upset my parents with small action, some words. I didn't care about my future.. but they always did.. And the most important they never give up..

Then when I was in high school my parents divorced, it was a hard and bad time for me.. no one really knows about it.. I tried to pretend everything was ok for me, but it was not.. I saw my mom suffering, I was mad at my father I didn't want to talk to him nor even see him.. But it passed..

well.. then came university.. the church the turkish boy friend, the year that i didn't passed my classes, my father's frustation.. and then we get here.. in February 24th... 2011..

And now.. thinking about everything.. I know, every single action, word, frustation, angry, happiness... everything just help me to get here.. where I am.. helps me to 'build' who I am today..
I am what I am because of my parents, because of my past..

Thanks mom and Dad to care about me!!